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SSK Mini Olympic games




On Wednesday the 8th September 2021, Stafford Shotokan Karate held their very own Mini Olympic Games to show how we as a club are supporting karate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The event was due to take place last year, However, due to Covid we had to postpone the events until now.


Many competitors took part in the event and were representing different countries determined by their flags.

The competition consisted of endurance events and kata events. The competition consisted of 6 events and were all secretly scored.


Event 1 – Loudest kiai measures by a decibel meter.

Event 2 – most punches in 10 seconds  

Event 3 – karate belt limbo

Event 4 – most kicks in 10 seconds

Event 5 – The balance beater (the karate kid stance)

Event 6 – Longest punch – using bean bags


Once all events were completed the scores were added up and the winners of the Bronze, silver and Gold were all awarded, However there were no losers and everybody that took part received a bronze medal.  

The event was fun for all that took part and it was good to see the smiles on the children’s faces.





***SSK Grading update***

Gradings are currently being reviewed 


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