Tamashiwari is taught to students of a certain grade who we feel understand the techniques of Karate. If we feel that a student is ready they can attempt these breaking techniques. We start students of with a 1 inch thick wooden block, using Shuto Uchi strike or a reverse punch to break them.

Once they can break the wood we move the students onto a stack or roof tiles anywhere between 6 – 20. Once these have successfully been broken we move the student onto the harder object, the house brick.

However, before any breaking goes ahead, the student must learn the preparation and etiquette of Tamashiwari, this includes a short meditation period to focus upon the objects.

For younger Karateka we have re-breakable boards and bricks for them to have a go on so that they don’t feel left out. Tamashiwari is not required for a grading like some karate clubs and is not demonstrated very often as it is only showing off.