Naifu Waza

Knife techniques are taught at the SSK and are part of the grading criteria. The basic elements of knife techniques are taught first before moving on to actual techniques. Such as the etiquette, how to stand and hold the knife where to attack and what type of attacks are used.

Knife techniques are broken down into the following sections:

  • Kiso - Fundamentals: holding the knife, how to stand with the knife, areas of attack etc.
  • Waza - Techniques taught to defend against a variety of attacks from different strikes to the body
  • Grading - Techniques used for the grading to show defences against the 4 main areas of attack
  • Joukyuu - Advanced level that includes knife disarming and escapes from certain holds.

All knife techniques are demonstrated under black belt supervision and only rubber, plastic and wooden knifes are used to prevent injury. Aluminium knives are used for demonstrations to give a realistic effect.

We teach over 80 defences from various attacks and angles.