Shotokan Karate is an empty handed martial art. However, there are Kata and techniques designed to defend against weapons, such as the Jo and Bo staffs, knives and many more. Due to this connection, we have instructors that teach basic uses for some of the Okinawan and Japanese weapons. Tuition includes basic grips and holds, blocks, strikes, swings and Kata, as well as disarming techniques for these weapons.

Weapons taught at Stafford Shotokan Karate are:


  • Bo (6ft. staff)
  • Jo (4ft. staff)
  • Tanbo or Escrima Sticks (single or double 2ft. sticks)
  • Eku (boat oar)
  • Sansetsu Kon (3-section staff)
  • Tonfa (baton with side handle)
  • Nunchaku (rice flail)


  • Sai (pronged daggers)
  • Kama (sickles)
  • Naginata (6ft. staff with curved blade on one end)
  • Yari (spear)
  • Techu (spinning spears connected by a ring worn on the hands)
  • Shuriken (throwing stars)
  • Bo Shuriken (throwing darts)

Kobudo Kata


  • Chatan Yara No Kon Sho
  • Jitte No Bo
  • Kanazawa No Bo Dai
  • Kanazawa No Bo Sho
  • Kihon No Kata
  • Matsu Higa No Kon
  • Miyazato No Kon
  • Sunakake No Kon
  • Tawada No Kon
  • Tokuminai No Kon


  • Arakaki No Jo


  • Noburi Ryu No Tan Bo
  • Sekiun No Tan bo


  • Kihon No Kata


  • Hama Higa No Tonfa
  • Matsu Higa No Tonfa
  • Chatan Yara No Tonfa


  • Matsu Higa No Sai
  • Sakagawa No Sai
  • Chatan Yara No Sai Dai
  • Chatan Yara No Sai Sho
  • Shihohai No Sai
  • Kihon No Kata


  • Hama Higa Nicho Gama
  • Kingawa Nicho Gama


  • Tenryu No Nagainata


  • Sakugawa Yari Shu


  • Techu No Kata

Weapons training is never unsupervised. When training with weapons all safety precautions are taken to prevent any injuries. In the case of metal weapons, foam and rubber weapons are first used before moving on to the metal weapons themselves.