Ippon Kumite

Ippon Kumite is the practice of defending against single attacks from the front aimed at announced places on the body. Areas of attack are the head, chest and groin. Attacks could be a variety of different punches, kicks or strikes from the right or left side of the body. So practicing left and right handed defences is essential.

Ippon Kumite trains the practitioner to use an array of defences and counter strikes to an opponent and depending on the attacker which techniques are suited. 

Go No Sen and Sen No Sen

Ippon Gumite or Ippon Kumite uses two types of sparing techniques known as Go–no–Sen and Sen–No-Sen.

Go No Sen, is the name give for an attack that has a late counter, for example, we block a punch to the head with a high rising block, pause slightly and then counter punch.

Sen No Sen, is the name given for an attack that simultaneous blocks and strikes as the attacker is moving towards you e.g. as the attacker starts to move we block the attackers head punch with a high rising block and counter punch at the same.


Go No Sen
Sen No Sen