Gohon Kumite

Gohon Kumite meaning five step sparring has the same principle as Sanbon, but instead of three attacks we are now using five. Again this is taught at two levels of difficulty.

  1. Basic - strikes to the same area (Jodan, Chudan or Gedan) with basic blocks and counter after the last attack.
  2. Random attacks at any height either announced or unannounced in any direction

Gohon Gumite is not practiced as much as Sanbon, as Sanbon Kumite tends to be a much more useful tool for this type of training, however at the SSK we think that Karate clubs should practice Gohon Kumite as it develops awareness. It encourages practitioners to start to read an attackers patterns, so that you can start to judge distance and speed more effectively. These skills lend themselves to starting Kumite (sparring).