Fukusu Kogeki - Sha

As Kumite is generally 1-on-1, we teach students Fukusu Kogeki-sha, meaning multiple attackers. This trains a student to be aware of what is happening around them.

We teach them to defend against two attackers at first, before building up to 4 or more. The idea of this is to react to the attacks coming in from all angles, rather than thinking about which technique they have to use. Students learn to apply all parts of their body to block, deflect or counter attack attacks coming towards them, so they can safely escape.

The attacks involved can be punches, kicks, holds, grabs etc. They may also incorporate a weapon of some sort such as a knife or a baseball bat.

During Fukusu Kogeki-sha training, a black belt will have the defending student stand with their back to them, whilst the other students surround the defender. Then, at random, the black belt will point or nod at an attacker for them to move in, so the defending student will not know where the attack is coming from.