Tai Otoshi

The Hidden Karate Throw


In Shotokan karate when we train, we general stick to Kihon, kata and kumite and hardly put any effort into grappling or throwing. The reason for this is that karate is not a grappling sport like judo, or is it?

From the beginning of your karate training you will start to learn a kata called Heian Shodan. It is in this kata that we don’t realise that we are stringing individual techniques together to make and utilise many throws and one of these is known as Tai Otoshi.

Tai Otoshi is a judo throw known as body drop and this techniques in judo is classed as a hand throw. This technique will generate a lot of power without making a lot of contact with the attacker. The power of this technique comes from the rotating action that drives the attacker into the mat. 


How to perform Tai Otoshi

Tai Otoshi is applied by pulling strongly with both hands, as you enter with your legs spread. (Kiba Dachi) the attacker is then rotated around you by continuing the pull on the sleeve while the lapel hand pushes The attacker over your outstretched leg. With weight properly placed on both legs, you can rotate your body powerfully, and the attacker will not be able to recover his or her balance.


Use your hands and not your hips to throw your attacker and make sure that you put your weight evenly spread between your legs, (or maybe 60 percent and 40 percent) as considerable weight must be on each leg to succeed in the throw.


Where is this throw?

In Kata Heian Shodan this throw can be placed at the first Kiai. (moves 8. 9 and 10) if you make these three separate moves as one combined movement, you will make Tai Otoshi.

After the Kiai by turning around to your next move (Zenkutsu Dachi, Gedan Barai) without knowing you have set the throw up and all you need to do is move your arms.

There are many other hidden throws in the 26 Shotokan kata, all you need to do is look closely and you may see the hidden movements. 


(some text taken from Judoinfo.com pictures form twitter.com and cimac-judo.com)