Performing the perfect Kata

When performing kata, no matter what style of karate, there are ten fundamental principles that must be utilised to perform the perfect kata. Theses 10 elements were developed by Sensei Kanazawa and as he quoted, without them, the kata will be less than meaningless.

The 10 elements of a perfect Kata

Yoi No Kisin: The spirit of getting ready, concentration of the mind and will against the opponent.

Inyo: Always keeping in your mind both the attack and the defence.

Chikara No Jaku: The manner of strength, the amount of power used in each kata.

Waza No Kankyu: Speed of the movement and position in kata.

Tai No Shinshusku: The degree of expansion or contraction of the body in every movement in kata.

Kokyu: Breathing control in relation to the kata.

Tyakugan: Focus, aiming points, keep in mind the purpose of the move.

Kiai: Shouting at a set part of the kata to show martial spirit.

Keitai No Hoji: Correct movement, position and stance.

Zanshin: Staying on guard at the end of the kata until told to relax "Enoy" and back to "Yoi"

*Kokyu – breathing is a very important part of kata, inhalation takes place through the nose and exhalation through the mouth.