Hirokazu Kanazawa

3rd May 1931 - 8th December 2019

Hirokazu Kanazawa (Kancho - meaning 10th Dan) is one of the worlds most respected traditional Karate masters still alive today, having had the privilege to study under Master Gichin Funakoshi (Founder of Shotokan).

Kancho Kanazawa, has won many championship titles in his time including the infamous All Japan Karate Championship, both Kata and Kumite events. It was during a kumite match that he won the final, whilst nursing a broken wrist, which was broken earlier in the tournament.

Kanazawa has amended Kata, for example adding Mawashigeri (roundhouse kick) to kata Empi instead of a knee strike, as not one kata out of the 26 Shotokan kata incorporate this kick. However Stafford Shotokan Karate still teach the traditional knee strike.

He has also created new Kata such as Kanazawa No Bo Dai and Kanazawa No Bo Sho. After leaving the JKA (Japanese Karate Association) in 1973, he set up a new association known as SKIF (Shotokan Karate-do International Federation). This association now has over 2 million members worldwide.

(picture supplied from en.wikipedia.org)