Understanding Competition Rules for Kata 



For those karateka that want to compete in Kata at competition level the competitior must follow the rules and guidelines from the WKF (World Karate Federation)



All karateka compete in an area marked out as 8x8 metres with either five or seven referees judging.

If five judges are available then four of the referees will be seated in each corner of the competition area and the fifth judge known as the chief judge will be sat central facing the competitors.

If seven juges are available then they will be sat marking from the sideline.




All karateka must be wearing the correct uniform before competing.


Gi needs to be white and WKF approved.

Competitor needs to bring two coloured belts Aka (Red) and Ao (Blue)





Rules about the match




The first competitor walks up to the competition area and bows deeply. They then state the name of the kata select form 102 listed kata and begin the performance.

Once completed the competitor bows and walks out of competition area and new competitor enters.




Points are scored on two areas Technical ability and Athletic ability.


These two areas are split to 70% technical score and 30% athletic score.


Each referee will be judging the performance on their own standards.


Technical elements are marked on



Correct breathing


Transitional movements

Sense of space

Kimi / focus

Waza / technique


Athletic elements are marked on






The final scores are determined by removing the two lowest judges scores and the two highest judges scores from. leaving the remaining scores to be added up to make the total for the kata performed. If both competitors have tied, then they may need to perform again.


102 Kata